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During my 8 years of training I have trained every body-type under the sun from emerging pro athletes to former couch potatoes to grandmas and grandpas. I am not the stereotypical trainer who is just doing this to earn a buck. This is my passion! I am driven by helping other surpass their goals. I specialize in creating tailor made workouts for your body and fitness level. There is no one size fits all with me, I want you to get results just as bad as you want them for yourself! As a former collegiate athlete, I have the knowledge and the skill set to help you get to your dream body. My workouts will always be different and fun! If you are serious about getting into shape, I’m your man.

Most trainers give workouts. I provide solutions. Solutions along with my coaching, will undoubtedly help you through your current fitness problems.

The time we spend together will transform your attitude about fitness and you will gain massive results from your efforts.

It’s training like you’ve never experienced, with a simple change in your mindset, your body will do some unbelievable things.

Imagine a place where adults of all shapes and sizes can come together and get an AMAZING workout from an extra ordinary trainer. Visualize a motivating and challenging environment where people of all ages and fitness levels can push themselves and others to always do their best!

I educate my clients on how to live a healthy lifestyle. I teach great fundamentals and technique so you can get the most out of your body. Sometimes its not about always going hard, its about doing it the correct way. That is what separates me from most trainers.

I will definitely challenge you mentally and physically! You will discover an inner strength that you did not know you had before. I keep my workouts fresh, fun, exciting, and most of all challenging. I promise a motivating and challenging environment. Individuals should expect a total body workout every time they workout with me. It is designed to increase your functional strength, speed, stamina and, most importantly, to deliver results.The first 2 weeks will be the hardest. You will be sore, but once you get past those 2 weeks, everything is downhill from there and that weight will start to melt off.

I offer complementary coaching as well because we all need a little extra motivation, support, information and accountability during everyday life. If you truly plan to completely transform your body, it must be a team effort!

All of our packages includes:

E-mail & text support,

Tailored coaching sessions,
meal plan/nutritional guidance and consultations,

A weekly fitness blog that provides you with new recipe ideas, exercises that you can do on your own and much more!


cell: 407-590-0352
email: info@prestigefitnessfl.com