Florida Fitness Concepts

Our story. Our gym.


For more than 25 years, Florida Fitness Concepts has helped thousands of clients achieve their personal fitness goals. Started in 1986 by John R. Dickson Sr., Florida Fitness Concepts has evolved into Central Florida’s premier personal training facility.


1986: FFC was created as a one-man personal training company by John R. Dickson Sr.

1992: The Peabody Hotel contracted with John to provide personal training services at their Athletic Club in Orlando:

1992: John started providing physical therapy rehabilitation for Schuerman Chiropractic Clinic in addition to his personal training services.

1993 The first trainer was hired to help with the heavy workload at Florida Fitness Concepts.

1994:  The current Florida Fitness Concepts studio was opened with a staff of two trainers.

Today:  Now, 25 years later, Florida Fitness Concepts has over 12 trainers, and provides custom training programs for hundreds of clients.

If you’re looking for a place to get serious about your fitness without any pretense, Florida Fitness Concepts is the place for you. The “down home” atmosphere distinguishes us from other facilities, and the camaraderie between clients and trainers is contagious. John’s philosophy is simple. Clients need to feel comfortable in order to achieve their fitness goals, and that philosophy is evident in every facet of the gym.

With 10 of Orlando’s top certified personal trainers, Florida Fitness Concepts offers a highly personalized experience for every client. We offer numerous services that can all be customized based on the individual’s needs.